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Mutsu Hassen TJM NG Direct Press Noveau

Mutsu Hassen TJM NG Direct Press "Noveau"

Vibrant, dynamic, fresh


MUA Craft Sake Passionfruit Cubeb

MÙA Craft Sake "Passionfruit Cubeb"

Rich, expressive, intense, crazy-fun


Sake Brooklyn LAB Bushwick IPA Yeast

Sake Brooklyn LAB "Bushwick" IPA Yeast

Rich, full, clean, elegant


Ruka JDG Morpho

Ruka JDG "Morpho"

Elegant, graceful, clean



Eiko Fujij JM MG White Sparrow

Eiko-Fujij JM MG "White Sparrow"

Ricey, creamy, thicc


Senkin First Brew Direct Press Arabashiri

Senkin "First Brew" Direct Press Arabashiri

Fresh, refreshing, bright

Azumatsuru The Origin

Azumatsuru "The Origin"

Crisp, fresh, earthy, elegant kimoto


Haccoba TANI GAKI no Okan

Haccoba - TANI GAKI no Okan

spicy, lemony and fresh


Sensai Renaissance Yamadanishiki N

Sensai "Renaissance" Yamadanishiki N

Elegant, wild, mildly funky


Tsushimaya Nordwind Perlwein MNG

Tsushimaya Nordwind Perlwein MNG

Sessionable, refreshing, fun


Ohkura TJM Kyokai 1 MNG

Ohkura TJM Kyokai #1 MNG

Funky, raw, archaic



Yamashiroya JG Ren K N 1

Yamashiroya JG "Ren" K N

Crisp, fresh, modern kimoto



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302 Beach Road #01-08
Concourse Skyline
Singapore 199600

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Nicoll Highway MRT Station (Exit A)

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12:00pm – 2:30pm
5:30pm – LATE

SUN Closed

Finest Sake Collection In Authentic Japanese Sake Place

Appreciation to Premium Sake Collection

Welcome to Omu Nomu, where we bring you the finest selection of sake from around the world. Indulge in the best sake collection from our curated selection of premium labels, elevating sake appreciation. Have a taste of authentic Japanese sake.

Best Sake Place in Singapore

Come and explore our assortment of Sake. unveil Singapore’s sake scene! As a casual sake bars, we offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy your drink at your own pace. Omu Nomu is one of the top sake places in Singapore. Do check out our finest highball in Singapore too!

Affordable Sake Bar in Singapore

We are curating high quality sake that you can indulge without worrying your budget. Our homey place is a sake bar with reasonable price in Singapore, but we ensure you to only get the best sake. Quality sake without compromise, Omu Nomu is your partner in experiencing premium sake without premium price tag.