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We hope you’ve recovered from the sake-induced bliss that was OMU NOMU’s 2nd-year birthday because, oh boy, what a night it was!

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The night where craft sake flowed endlessly, kushiyaki skewers grilled to perfection, and sashimi danced on taste buds.

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Over the past year, close to 500 different labels graced our sake fridge, turning it into a haven for sake lovers. It’s like our sake fridge became the coolest bar in town, and you were all on the VIP list.

The love we’ve received while connecting with craft breweries has been nothing short of heartwarming. From traditional Yamahai to ancient styles like Doburoku and Bodaimoto, your curiosity fueled our exploration. We’re not just serving sake; we’re on a flavour-fueled journey, and you’re riding shotgun.

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To all of you who joined our sake-soaked journey, we raise our glasses in heartfelt thanks. Your continued support, love, and enthusiasm are the reasons OMU NOMU is thriving.

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Memories, laughs, and sake-induced shenanigans were etched in the sake-stained pages of OMU NOMU history. A wild ride, and we’re grateful you were on it.

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As we venture into the future, expect more labels, more flavours, and more opportunities to explore the world of craft sake.

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Your support has fueled our passion, and we can’t wait to share more freakishly good sake and unforgettable moments with you.

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Check out our recap video of what transpired during our birthday celebration!

About OMU NOMU Craft Sake & Raw Bar

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OMU NOMU has always been about promoting Craft Sake to the masses and to give our guests the opportunity to explore, learn and understand more about craft sakes and their specialities. It’s for this very reason that OMU NOMU keeps its sake list small and rotates weekly.

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We support small breweries and small-batch brewing, from Muroka Nama Genshu (unfiltered by charcoal, unpasteurized, undiluted) styles, to traditional Yamahai and Kimoto styles, to ancient styles like Doburoku and Bodaimoto, and Koshu (Aged) sakes. To support a craft sake list like this, our food pairings have to be considered at a different level as well. Hence, in planning our food menu, OMU NOMU creates dishes that encompass robust flavours whilst paying homage to traditional techniques, from binchotan-grilled kushiyaki to sashimi to even filling overloaded maki that pair extremely well with our sake.

Address: 302 Beach Rd, #01-08 Concourse Skyline, Singapore 199600
Operating hours: Monday-Saturday, 12pm-2.30pm; 5.30pm-12midnight (Closed on Sunday)