What is Craft Sake and why is it the future of Nihonshu?

What is Craft Sake and why is it the future of Nihonshu?

what is craft sake

PART 1: What is Craft Sake?

Craft sake – the sake revolution you never knew you needed. 

It represents a new wave of innovation and creativity that has been sweeping through Japan’s micro-breweries.

Forget everything you thought you knew about traditional sake because craft sake is taking things to the next level. A fusion of old and new, this new genre of sake combines traditional brewing processes with modern innovations to create unique and diverse styles that go beyond the traditional.

craft sake

PART 2: The Revival of Doburoku

Get ready to meet the original sake, the one that started it all – Doburoku. 

This mysterious and delicious beverage has a long history, with its roots tracing back to ancient times when rice farmers brewed Doburoku in their own homes. 

After a prolonged ban, it has made a triumphant return to the sake scene. Now, it’s brewed by micro-breweries all across Japan, bringing back lost culture and sharing a new yet ancient sake style with the world.

doburoku 1
Pouring still

But what’s so special about Doburoku, you might ask? Imagine a creamy, ricey concoction that’s completely unfiltered and ranges from the consistency of rice pudding to yoghurt. And let’s not forget about the unique texture – you might encounter whole rice grains that you can chew on or a thick rice puree that’s simply divine. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before, and once you give it a try, you will be hooked.

DOBUROKU Pouring close

PART 3: What Do The Next Generation of Sake Drinkers Look Like?

sake drinker 1
sake drinker 2

Now the million-dollar question – Why aren’t the Japanese youth drinking sake?  As traditional sake sometimes feels like a relic of the past, many young drinkers turn to wine, cocktails, and Western spirits as trendy and fashionable drinks.

pouring sake 1
pouring sake 2

But wait, don’t dismiss sake just yet! Enter Craft Sake, the exciting and boundary-pushing sub-genre of sake that is breathing new life into this age-old beverage.

With traditional brewing methods as its backbone, craft sake is not afraid to get a little wild with its ingredient choices, resulting in flavours that are as unique and exciting as your favourite cocktails.

PART 4: Why Should You Drink Craft Sake?


Each sip of craft sake offers a journey through a flavour landscape that is at once familiar yet new and exciting.

One of the best things about craft sake is the vibrant community that has formed around it. Independent brewers are working tirelessly to spread awareness and appreciation for craft sake, partnering with bars and restaurants to offer pairings that elevate the taste experience to new heights. 

With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, these brewers are bringing a new level of passion to the sake industry.

brewery 1
brewery 2

With its innovative brewing techniques and the use of unconventional ingredients, craft sake is both surprising and familiar. It has a novel complexity that is unique to the craft genre, making every sip an adventure.

Unlike traditional sake, craft sake is not restricted by tradition and offers a world of possibilities to brewers. This freedom leads to an endless variety of flavour concepts that are easily identifiable and relatable, making it a fun and exciting drink to explore.

brewery 3
brewery 4

PART 5: Introducing The Japan Craft Sake Brewers Association


The Japan Craft Sake Brewers Association is a unique and exciting organisation that OMU NOMU is proud to support. The group consists of young brewers who are working to modernise the sake industry and explore the possibilities of Japanese fermentation and brewing. 

With a focus on creating a sub-genre of craft sake, the association’s 7 member breweries, including Librom, Happytaro, Konohanano, Haccoba, Lagoon, Wakaze, and Ine to Agave, are redefining what sake can be.

japan craft sake 1
japan craft sake 2 1

Unlike traditional sake, craft sake brewers have a different type of brewing licence that allows them to incorporate auxiliary ingredients into the brew, creating a new and unique form of sake.

japan craft sake 3
japan craft sake 4

This means that craft sake comes in a range of exciting flavours and styles, including fruited sakes, Doburoku, hopped sakes, infused sakes, and much more. The result is a beverage that is highly seasonal, creative, and small in volume, making it a truly special and sought-after experience.

The Japan Craft Sake Brewers Association is at the forefront of this new movement, and their commitment to experimentation and innovation is helping to shape the future of the sake industry. By supporting these young brewers, OMU NOMU is helping to bring their unique and exciting products to a wider audience and promote the diversity and creativity of craft sake.

PART 6: We Are Craft Sake

omu nomu 1
omu nomu 2

OMU NOMU’s sake bar is like a never-ending adventure. We change our sake selection every week, so you’ll never have the same experience twice. From the elegant to the downright whacky, we’ve got it all.

Our team personally taste-tests every bottle, handwrite notes ourselves and we’re not afraid to get a little wild with our selections. Yamahai? Kimoto? Muroka Nama Genshu? We’ve got ’em all, plus some crazy stuff like Bodaimoto and Doburoku.

sake collection

We run our sake bar with two crazy goals in mind. First, we want to be your sake senseis, teaching you all the ins and outs of this amazing drink while building a bond of trust and friendship. Second, we want to take you on a wild and wacky journey of exploration, where every sake on our list is a fun surprise waiting to be discovered.

omu nomu 4
omu nomu 3

The era of sake is now.

About OMU NOMU Craft Sake & Raw Bar

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OMU NOMU has always been about promoting Craft Sake to the masses and to give our guests the opportunity to explore, learn and understand more about craft sakes and their specialities. It’s for this very reason that OMU NOMU keeps its sake list small and rotates weekly.

Doburoku Press Release 4 1

We support small breweries and small-batch brewing, from Muroka Nama Genshu (unfiltered by charcoal, unpasteurized, undiluted) styles, to traditional Yamahai and Kimoto styles, to ancient styles like Doburoku and Bodaimoto, and Koshu (Aged) sakes. To support a craft sake list like this, our food pairings have to be considered at a different level as well. Hence, in planning our food menu, OMU NOMU creates dishes that encompass robust flavours whilst paying homage to traditional techniques, from binchotan-grilled kushiyaki to sashimi to even filling overloaded maki that pair extremely well with our sake.

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