Be The First In Singapore to Try This Genesis Of Sake – Doburoku!

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Be The First In Singapore to Try This Genesis Of Sake – Doburoku!

Origin of sake? Alcoholic porridge? Sake for the divine? – OMU NOMU Craft Sake & Raw Bar is the first in Singapore to serve the legendary Doburoku!

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What is Doburoku?

Doburoku is the oldest surviving method of brewing sake. The drink is completely unfiltered, and a bottle can appear like porridge. Unlike modern sake which undergoes filtration and pressing processes, Doburoku is untampered by humans, and as such has ties with Shintoism as a form of sacred sake resonating with ideas of purity and nature. 

While Doburoku used to be outlawed during the Meiji period, it has since been revived by the Japanese government as an almost lost portion of sake brewing culture, and is making a comeback as a craft microbrew! OMU NOMU is proud to work with a Japanese doburoku brewery and is currently the first and only spot in Singapore that offers this ancient style of sake!

The First Local Craft Sake Bar to Feature Doburoku

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Alex, the Founder, Chef & Sake Sommelier of OMU NOMU recounts his story.

“Having drank it in Japan, Doburoku is a style of sake I’ve always wanted to feature at OMU NOMU. A couple of months ago a friend and fellow Sake Sommelier, Reuben Oh, was planning a trip to Japan. I asked if he could bring a bottle of Doburoku back for us. Not only did he do so, but it was also fated that he happened to be talking to the high priest of a temple in Nara, and told the story of how we were looking for a Doburoku. It was at this moment that the priest stood up, prepared a bottle that was brewed by the temple, and gave it to us. When we heard the story, it hit us deeply – the sheer significance of a temple-brewed Doburoku, something otherwise used for temple rituals and not sold commercially, was in our hands.

Needless to say, the drink was fantastic, but, more surprisingly, the guests whom we shared this special Doburoku with absolutely fell in love with it. They demanded to know more, and they wanted to know more about it. It was at this moment that we knew beyond doubt that this was something we had to do immediately.

In the process of sourcing for a Doburoku maker willing to export to Singapore, we finally found our Doburoku brewery and everything else that occurred has led us up to this point where we are now.”

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The Doburoku Offerings

OMU NOMU Craft Sake & Raw bar will first feature the “Hanagumori Doburoku”, which sports a creamy, rice-y umami-rich mouthfeel.  On top of this, you can find ‘‘The Sour’’ at OMU NOMU, which is brewed with a white koji that gives off a more tart and citrusy sour taste.

There will be seasonal Doburoku offerings  joining the lineup in rotation too. Examples of these may include a peach-infused Doburoku, an aged Doburoku, a Doburuku that’s brewed with Masala Chai and a Doburoku made with both rice and beer hops.

About OMU NOMU Craft Sake & Raw Bar

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OMU NOMU has always been about promoting Craft Sake to the masses and to give our guests the opportunity to explore, learn and understand more about craft sakes and their specialities. It’s for this very reason that OMU NOMU keeps its sake list small and rotates weekly.

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We support small breweries and small-batch brewing, from Muroka Nama Genshu (unfiltered by charcoal, unpasteurized, undiluted) styles, to traditional Yamahai and Kimoto styles, to ancient styles like Doburoku and Bodaimoto, and Koshu (Aged) sakes. To support a craft sake list like this, our food pairings have to be considered at a different level as well. Hence, in planning our food menu, OMU NOMU creates dishes that encompass robust flavours whilst paying homage to traditional techniques, from binchotan-grilled kushiyaki to sashimi to even filling overloaded maki that pair extremely well with our sake.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out this legendary alcoholic porridge and their delectable dishes that are a match made in heaven with their sake offerings!

Address: 302 Beach Rd, #01-08 Concourse Skyline, Singapore 199600
Operating hours: Monday-Saturday, 12pm-2.30pm; 5.30pm-12midnight (Closed on Sunday)