Micro-Flight Series: The Rare & Lost Sake Yeasts

Micro-Flight Series: The Rare & Lost Sake Yeasts

Rare and Lost Sake Yeasts Gerard Alexis

3 sakes with rare sake yeasts!

The Okarakuchi, brewed with Yeast #11: a mutation of #K7 with high alcohol resistance.

The Yama 68, brewed with Yeast #8: a phantom yeast, said to be mutated from the high citric acid #K6.

Lastly, the Tasanshu, brewed with Yeast #28: the child of #K1001 producing 2.5x more malic acid than its parent!

Have a taste of these cult sakes by Akishika today!

Event Date: 9 October 2023 – Till the last drop

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OMU NOMU has always been about promoting Craft Sake to the masses and to give our guests the opportunity to explore, learn and understand more about craft sakes and their specialities. It’s for this very reason that OMU NOMU keeps its sake list small and rotates weekly.

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We support small breweries and small-batch brewing, from Muroka Nama Genshu (unfiltered by charcoal, unpasteurized, undiluted) styles, to traditional Yamahai and Kimoto styles, to ancient styles like Doburoku and Bodaimoto, and Koshu (Aged) sakes. To support a craft sake list like this, our food pairings have to be considered at a different level as well. Hence, in planning our food menu, OMU NOMU creates dishes that encompass robust flavours whilst paying homage to traditional techniques, from binchotan-grilled kushiyaki to sashimi to even filling overloaded maki that pair extremely well with our sake.

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